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RE: Kill-A-Watt Resurrecting

Original poster: "Terry Fritz" <teslalist-at-qwest-dot-net>

Hi Dan,

At 07:57 AM 5/2/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>Perhaps you could reverse engineer the entire device and post some
>schematics so that all of us here on the group and bang our heads together
>and come up with some sweet modifications.  I no longer have the few i had
>and blew up (since I sent them back for refund), so I can't help you there.

It is just a voltage/current pickoff.  They use a 1/2 inch loop of like #14 
resistance wire for current.  Pictures (big ones) of the insides are at:



They have a little protection circuitry and perhaps some rectifier or zero 
crossing stuff too.  Not much too it.



>Regarding calibration, how are they measuring current?  If it is a current
>sense resistor, you can simply replace that resistor with a different value,
>or if a small current donut, add more turns to the donut.
>The Captain