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Re: Stacking Variacs, paralleling

Original poster: "Richard W." <potluckutk-at-comcast-dot-net> 

Hi Randy,

I have six staco 2520s paralleled (240 -at- 10A each). I used the secondary of
filament transformers as chokes and it works great. Voltage drop across each
choke is around one volt. Each choke seems to drop a little more or a little
less which is what they are supposed to do.

I got the transformers from Ebay. The secondaries are rated 13 volts at 50
amps. These went for 20 bucks each. Right now the same seller has been
selling higher current transformers, 14 volts at 70 amps (#7 square wire)
for 25 bucks each. I connect the primaries all in series ( in a loop ) while
the secondaries are connected in series with the output of the respective
variac. The loop on the primaries is what actually "balances" the outputs.

Ebay #3807435316

He's been selling these for quite some time now, seems he has a bunch of

Rick W.
Salt Lake City

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Subject: Stacking Variacs, paralleling

 > Original poster: "Randy & Lori" <rburney6-at-comcast-dot-net>
 > I have three 240V/28amps (ea.) variacs on the way (225Lbs ouch!).  They do
 > not have the paralleling chocks.  Can I make my own?  Are these really
 > necessary to connect the variacs in parallel?  I have seen on commercial
 > units that they are actually just transformers, I've got enough MOT cores
 > to make transformers, but what am I after?
 > Randy