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Re: New idea

Original poster: Brett Miller <brmtesla2-at-yahoo-dot-com> 


Hahaha!  That's funny.  I figured someone would do
something for April Fool's Day on here.  I have to say
though, my Baloney suppression MOV's clamped in the
first paragraph when I read about you modulating a
graviton field.


--- Tesla list <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com> wrote:
 > Original poster: "Gary  Weaver"
 > <gary350-at-earthlink-dot-net>
 > I've just finished my field-effect propulsion system
 > for Control. Utilizes a
 > reverse Tesla magnetoacoustic pump as a core, the
 > output of which is a
 > graviton field which is modulated by three
 > pan-directional gravimetric
 > transducers.
 > Control is effected by control pressure feedback.
 > Out-circle thrust
 > simulates conventional force.
 > The craft nullifies mass, it also reduces inertia to
 > zero, allowing a
 > skilled pilot to transition directly and
 > instantanously from horizontal to
 > vertical 'flight' insuring perfectly square corners.
 > A side effect of the
 > graviational distortion is an apparent visual
 > deformation of the radially
 > symmetrical hull, which can be seen.
 > What makes flying the craft interesting is the
 > unusual attitudinal
 > by-products of the propulsion system.  For instance,
 > the ship skims along in
 > level flight, abruptly transitions into a direct
 > vertical climb without
 > pitch and goes up over the top of the circle to come
 > down the back side
 > upside down. It takes some practice before you are
 > used to 'catching' the
 > descending flying disk in what is now inverted
 > flight, by reversing the
 > gravitational lensing of the control transducers at
 > the top of the wingover
 > and applying a burst of gravimetric power when the
 > ship reaches level --and
 > inverted--flight. With practice, I'm guessing I
 > could effect a pitch
 > translation during the wingover traverse to end up
 > on the other side of the
 > circle right side up.
 > Power is provided by a battery, but I'm looking into
 > a solar to storage
 > capacitor scheme that would give the unit
 > effectively unlimited usage with
 > no fuel costs. Weight, of course is no longer an
 > issue. (One of the
 > advantages I'm particularly thankful for.) With a
 > little fine tuning, one
 > press starts of the magnitoacoustic pump can be had
 > every time.
 > I've installed the propulsion/control system in a
 > shell scaled to resemble
 > the Venesian Beamship George Adamski reported seeing
 > on multiple
 > occasion--the first scale antigravity model I've
 > seen--possibly ever. The
 > model is seen above hovering just prior to landing.
 > Check out he picture.
 > http://home.earthlink-dot-net/~gary350/tesla-g.jpg
 > Gary Weaver