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Re: Oscilloscope arrived - black market sucks

Original poster: Skip Malley <skip-at-ladybughell-dot-com> 

If you connected a transformer rated at 9VAC output to the input of your 
new O-scope, It would be likely that you would see a sine wave of 
approximately 15V peak.  A transformer with a rated 9VAC output into a 
certain load would likely show what you have described.  The transformer is 
rated to be 9VAC at a certain load.  That is the RMS value.  The peak 
voltage would be approximately 1.4 times the RMS (rated) value.  If your 
transformer has no load, then the voltage would be a bit higher.

15 V peak or 30V peak to peak would be expected from a 9VAC transformer.

How are you connecting diodes???


At 01:04 PM 4/4/2004 -0600, you wrote:
>Original poster: Kreso Bukvic <kreso.bukvic-at-kc.htnet.hr>
>After playing with my new scope for almost whole night it look like it is
>not good!
>What should i check before i beat the crap from the black market seller?
>What are the basic check steps to see if it is good?
>I tried conecting 9 VAC transformer at input, scope measures 15 V with odd
>showing, ok i tried adding one diode no improwment 2 dioes nothing, greatz
>then i get only a line it cannot be a line only with a greatz - right? It
>cannot be full DC with only 4 diodes? Or when i touch the table the waveform
>gose here and there it moves by it self, scope is not fizically connected to
>table it does  alot of crap etc and etc.
>Best Regards
>Kreso Bukvic