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Re: Oscilloscope arrived - black market sucks

Original poster: "Christoph Bohr" <cb-at-luebke-lands.de> 


 >From what you tell it is hard for me to say if your scope might be faulty
or if you make some mistakes in using the scope.
Especialy with the better equiped scopes it can be difficult to figure
out what is to do if you do not have any experience.
If the scopes settings are wrong pretty strange stuff can be displayed on
the screen.
I suggest to try the following:

1: examine what controls your scope has and find out what they are good for
( books or google )

2: by the same way look up what the standard setting are for the  controls
that should be set to one.

3: determin the settings you need to take mesurements on your test signal

This should imply setting of timebase, voltage range, triggering,AC or DC
amongst other things.

If you have any controls you can not find out how to use it you might be
messing up your measurements,
so make this ablosutely sure..
Maybe if you mail me a high res pic of the scope front in operation with the
screen image and the controlls shown
I might be able to tell you more.


Christoph Bohr

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Subject: Oscilloscope arrived - black market sucks

 > Original poster: Kreso Bukvic <kreso.bukvic-at-kc.htnet.hr>
 > After playing with my new scope for almost whole night it look like it is
 > not good!
 > What should i check before i beat the crap from the black market seller?
 > :-))
 > What are the basic check steps to see if it is good?
 > I tried conecting 9 VAC transformer at input, scope measures 15 V with odd
 > showing, ok i tried adding one diode no improwment 2 dioes nothing, greatz
 > then i get only a line it cannot be a line only with a greatz - right? It
 > cannot be full DC with only 4 diodes? Or when i touch the table the
 > gose here and there it moves by it self, scope is not fizically connected
 > table it does  alot of crap etc and etc.
 > Help
 > Best Regards
 > Kreso Bukvic