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Re: bad pole xmfrs

Original poster: Yurtle Turtle <yurtle_t-at-yahoo-dot-com> 

Well, my 14.4kV 25 kVA pig cost nothing. For
"shipping", I paid someone a used 200 MHz Intel CPU to
help load it onto my pickup. At the time, he was
running a 166, which died, so it was a BIG step up!

As to a pig's appeal, I've run my two coils with nst's
(including a 15/120), a pt and a pig. Even ballasting
my pig to "roughly" the same power, it just "seems" to
have much more Uumph with the pig. Not to mention that
you can probably run the pig at several times the
power rating for short runs. Plus it just looks cool!


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 > Original poster: "Richard Modistach"
 > <hambone-at-dodo-dot-com.au>
 > that's one spiffy chunk of pork,
 > but when i think about it the
 > 4x11\100nst's i'm getting new surplus
 > for 200$au
 > will 'nearly' match it and are already
 > current limited and a lot easier to handle.
 > could get an extra one but new non surplus
 > for anothe 200$, where does one stop,
 > something appealing about a clutch of piglets.
 > one thing i've noticed is the extrordinary
 > freight costs you guys pay in the states, over here
 > freight is cheap as buggery, i got a 500kg item
 > shipped from sydney, over 1200km, for 120$au
 > and that's picked up from the vendor and
 > forklifted into my shed.
 > regards
 > richard
 > aus
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