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Flyback Driver PCBs

Original poster: "Jim Mitchell" <electrontube-at-sbcglobal-dot-net> 

Hello List:

After the recent sucsess of my SSTC boards, and my recent experimentation 
with a high powered flyback driver,  I have decied I'd like to have some 
flyback driver boards made.

The boards would be custom 2 sided boards,  utilizing a half bridge of 
MOSFETs or IGBTs,  and a variable oscillator and gate drive section.  This 
would work wonders as a flyback driver and as a GP high frequency generator 
for different experiments.

The board would use a TL494 oscillator, that way the duty cycle and 
frequency would be variable.

I recently built an identical flyback driver and it works very good,  I am 
able to drive flybacks with half wave AC up to 150v or until they start to 
break down from overvoltage (about 50v in)  and I have been able to get 2" 
sparks from a single small flyback (a new style DC one).

Anyway if there is any interest in these please let me know and I will send 
word to have them made.  I have already designed the board and things seem 
to look good.

Regards - Jim Mitchell