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Re: Maxwell Capacitors

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I find it interesting that different manufacturers have different approached
to making similar caps. General Atomics/Sorrento really likes paper in their
high repetition caps. I only got vague reasons paper was key in high rep
caps. Two other companies I was getting quotes for the same spec caps didn't
want paper. I'd like to know if the "optional" paper layer exists to
intentionally introduce a layer of dielectric fluid, or just to make it
easier to impregnate the individual packs. Polypropylene film/foil caps are
made with no paper and good enough impregnation, so it can be done. Maybe it
just costs alot more.


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Subject: Maxwell Capacitors

 > Original poster: Charles Pike <ctpike-at-rcn-dot-com>
 > I designed a CO2 laser power supply for the military using Maxwell series
 > 376XX "Mini Double Ended" capacitors.   The capacitors  saw a large
 > reversal as is also true for Tesla coils.  We experienced numerous
 > even though the capacitors were conservatively rated.
 > A Maxwell representative told me that they had found that the capacitors
 > failed in these conditions and would not even withstand the rated 20%
 > reversal!   The  capacitors now sold by Sorrento Electonics were
 > by adding a layer of paper in the dielectric which solved the problem.
 > paper acts as a wick to draw oil between the plastic layers which
 > eliminates voids.
 > Charlie