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Re: Flyback Driver PCBs

Original poster: "Virtualgod" <mike.marcum-at-zoomtown-dot-com> 

You could increase the primary freq along with the voltage if you could find
a way to keep the transformer cool from the extra core losses (10x freq =
100x losses roughly , at least with my 5kW (square wave) cores). How do I
post a pic of these?

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 > Original poster: "Steve Conner" <steve.conner-at-optosci-dot-com>
 >  >Photographs are dubious.  The only true test is if his
 >  >work can be replicated.  And since we have few
 >  >details...no schematic......
 > We can figure out pretty much everything from Kreso's post. He said he was
 > driving it off a PC SMPS. And we know he lives in a 220V country. So we
 > say he was using a half-bridge inverter running off a 340V DC bus at
 > 30-50kHz.
 > If I were feeling cynical, I would have said there's no way on earth it
 > would work. The plasma globe flyback is designed to take 12V input at
 > so with 180V at the same frequency I would expect it to saturate and blow
 > the transistors in the driver :-6
 > But I'm not cynical :)
 > Steve C.