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Re: Sync Motor Wanted

Original poster: Yurtle Turtle <yurtle_t-at-yahoo-dot-com> 

Rebuilding cheap stuff isn't all that bad. I have a
fairly expensive Meade telescope which has wonderful
optics but terrible tracking parts. There are websites
and companies that specialize on rebuiding NEW Meade
telescopes. Of course you can do it yourself.

IF you get a Harbor Freight tool that is cheap enough
to rebuild and still get a good tool, good for you.


 > Terry,
 > Very off topic, but you might be surprised! I've
 > been seen at Harbor
 > Freight. ;^)
. It seems
 > like all to often, you
 > end up rebuilding what you buy at places like that.
 > Ed Wingate RATCB

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