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Re: Powerstat EMT4106BP

Original poster: Matthew Smith <matt-at-kbc-dot-net.au> 

Eric (Hydrogen18) wrote:
>I recently removed a variac labeled as "EMT4106BP" from a 6.6 KVA voltage 
>regulator unit. The variac is motor driven. The problem is, none of the " 
>KVA", "Volts", or "Amps" areas on the plate are filled in, just the model 
>#. It was used in conjuction with and xformer(not for isolation). Does 
>anyone know where I can get the specs on this unit? I already tried the 
>powerstat website and google.

Matthew replies:
Contact Powerstat's Technical Support through their Web site and ask for a 
spec sheet.  I often have this problem with salvaged equipment - having a 
manufacturer that is still in business is a big bonus when seeking information!



Matthew Smith
Kadina Business Consultancy
South Australia