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Re: The search for "old style" flybacks...

Original poster: Brett Miller <brmtesla2-at-yahoo-dot-com> 

 > Around this part of Southern California getting rid
 > of the bones after
 > you've picked off the meat is much harder than
 > scrounging the stuff in
 > the first place.  All is considered "hazardous
 > waste"  [eco-insanity but
 > that's another matter] and you can't just throw it
 > in the trash can!
 > Easier to buy the parts from someone who has solved
 > that problem, and
 > probably just as cheap if you place any value on
 > your time.
 > Of course, that way you lose the thrill of treasure
 > hunting.  I really
 > like going through junk yards but have to resist the
 > temptation to bring
 > stuff home.
 > Ed


Yeah, you are probably better off that you live in a
place where there is concern for what goes into the
environment.  That's where we all should be headed.

If you could see some of the places around here in the
south you would be amazed....maybe you have.  There
are some places where people have TV's, broken
microwaves, cars, refrigerators...all strewn around
and tipped over in the yard.  I should take a picture
of some of these yards...chickens running around
everywhere.  It's creepy.

In any case, I apologize for getting sucked into this
redundant thread/argument.  I don't care where people
get their flybacks.  I just hope they have fun and
watch out for RF burns.