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RE: Treasure Hunting Tips (Junkyard, Scrap yard, etc.)

Original poster: "Randy & Lori" <rburney6-at-comcast-dot-net> 

Hi Rick,

I don't have anywhere real close to me except a recycling place.  They
take anything metal for free, and let me get anything metal for free.  A
manned landfill that takes metal often keeps it in one area from the
other stuff, and if you are good at talking, they don't care if you look
around.  If you find somewhere like this, you're set.  I have found
large circuit breakers, terminal blocks, relays, heavy wire, switches,
my controller box, indicator lights, wheels.... My MOT collection is
about 30 now, and I don't open MOs much anymore.  The best place to find
stuff is the FREE PLACE.

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Subject: Treasure Hunting Tips (Junkyard, Scrap yard, etc.)

Original poster: "Rick Richter" <Rick.Richter-at-rlx-dot-com>

	I live in Houston, Texas and assume there are numerous scrap
yards and
junkyards around here. However, I've never been to one. Can some of you
have had success scavenging useful TC parts from such places give me a
tips? I remember going to junkyards as a kid and having a BLAST. But
was in the days of personal responsibility instead of liability
Here are my questions: