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Re: Need Help With School Project

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The neon sign transformer (NST) you need is 30 mA (milliamp) at about
10,000 volt. These things are dangerous.  A used one will be cheap from an
electrical repair / install company  or of course a neon sign shop.  If you
live in the northern parts of the country, you could also use an OBIT (oil
burning ignition transformer) for home furnaces.  These are usually 23 mA
at 10,000 volts (10kv).   This is what I used for my first tesla coil while
I was in high school.   Do some google searches, and you'll find the tesla
coil web ring where there is lots of information about making these things.

This web site has lots of information.     http://hot-streamer.com/

For plans and parts (expensive)  www.amazing1.com (they have all sorts of
kits and plans available)  or google the web
I used there  BTC3 plans and improvised with other parts like I mentioned
above to save  money.

Here is some safty notes:
also:                    www.pupman.com   -- the tesla mailing group.

For your secondary coil, the long one standing up.  Use white plastic
plumbing tubing, not black!
For The primary  1/4 inch or smaller refridgeration tubing is good.
getting a program called WinTelsa is helpful.  It does the calculations for
you.  Google it and you'll find it.

Capacitors can be beer bottles or a string of high voltage caps with the
right voltage rating.
a site called  www.the geek group  has a web page regarding beer bottle

good luck

Shaun Epp