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Re: Beginner questions

Original poster: BunnyKiller <bunikllr@xxxxxxx>

Hey Tyler...

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Tesla list wrote:

Original poster: Tyler Pauly <rpggod714@xxxxxxxxx>

  Hello, I'm building my first coil. I have some
questions that only need to be asked once. They are:

1. What do you use to connect the "parts - aka the
capacitor, transformer, primary, etc.? Do you use
house wire (12 gauge)?

depends on the size and power of your coil.... since you are starting out with this I am going to assume you arent using a piggie xfmr.
12 Ga. is fine for lower powered coils just make sure the wirres have at least a 1.5" clearence from grounded item

2. Do you have any words of wisdom on constructing the
primary? Mine will be 12 turns of .25 copper tubing
held by HDPE cutting board. They start at 6" diam. to
17". I originally planned for 6 supports, but not only
was it incredibly hard to "wind" it, but the glue
holding the plastic to the board support gave out. I
know glue wasn't the best idea, so I'm now routing
ruts into my board to slip the strips of HDPE into.
I'm kind of struggling. There's got to be an easier
way to this. Any ideas?

Copper tubing is fun stuff to work with.... the more you bend it, the harder it gets ( work hardening) and the less "formable" it becomes.
the best way to handle this is to get a fresh roll and leave it in the rolled form and gently form the tubing into the mounts...

as far as mounts, instead of trying to stuff the tubing "thru the holes" , you should cut the "tops" off of the holes to make " C " shaped holes this allows you to snap the tubing into the holes

see this page   http://members.cox.net/bunikllr/bigpig.html

hope this helped

Scot D

                         Thanks for the help,