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Re: Tiny DRSST was Re: Ultra tiny coils!

Original poster: "Jim Lux" <jimlux@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

I'm sure anyone who has worked with a plasma etcher at 13.5 MHz can tell you
stories about high voltages on tuning circuits.

I've seen corona on inductors at those kinds of frequencies.

The real problem is not detuning (the Q of the secondary will be quite
high.. not many turns required to resonate at 30 MHz) but drive power.  I
think that corona off the windings themselves might also be an issue.

You'd probably want to do a classic oscillator driving a power amplifier
kind of design (MOPA), rather than a power oscillator.

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> Original poster: Mddeming@xxxxxxx > > In a message dated 2/12/05 12:25:19 AM Eastern Standard Time, > tesla@xxxxxxxxxx writes: > > I admit I've never tried anything in the 20-30Mhz range, but I'm sure with > the right drive a 20-30Mhz coil is possible. > > The issue that scares me is the detuning of the secondary with changing > conditions and accurately tracking that with such low powers and small > coils. At 27Mhz 1nS delay from feedback to driver becomes quite a problem. > Maybe a CB PLL could help ?? > > Hi, > > has anyone considered the possible problems of operating a coil with peak > output in the CB / RC bands? Could result in some unhappy friends and > neighbors. Just a thought. > > Matt D. > > >