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Re: Beginner questions

Original poster: robert heidlebaugh <rheidlebaugh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Tyler: I make my primary coil spokes on a table saw.  Cut all your plastic
supports to the disired highth , about 1 in or so. Then clamp a 1/4 in strip
to your table saw parallel to the blade and spaced 1 coil space away from
the blade . cut your first grove in all strips leaving at least 1 in extra
length beyond the grove. place the grove over the guide strip and cut all
the plastic to look like a comb cutting as many groves as neaded spacing
each cut with your guide strip. The starting point of each comb will be
differant so line them up with your coil and mark the starting point of each
comb and cut the excess length to match your starting radius . Now all you
nead to do is mount everything and drop your coil in place. If your coil is
1/4 in your grove must be slightly over 1/4 in or the fit will be tight as
the coil turns and the bend is slightly wider than the coil wire. After
assembly a small drop of glue in each grove will hold every thing in place.
I use a center of plastic pipe or other ring larger than my secondary coil.
so I can adjust my coupeling by sliding the secondary up an down inside the
primary. Make shure your inside winding of your primary is spaced away from
your secondary to prevent a spark jumping over.    Do well
   Robert   H

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> Original poster: "Harold Weiss" <hweiss@xxxxxxxxxx>
> Hi Tyler,
> You can use THHN, but as its only 600V you have to watch the spacing to
> avoid flashover. #14 GTO is 15KV rated and works well in the charging part
> of the circuit. I use #4 welding cable for the discharge path, but again I
> have to be careful of spacing.
> With your secondary, I bet you tried to feed the tubing thru all of its
> holes, and found it's a real pain in the butt. I would drill your holes,
> and then use a tablesaw to cut thru the top of the holes and then wind the
> coil by pressing it into the holes. The thin strips cut off, I would then
> use to hold the coil securely, and attach them with nylon screws.
> Since you have a router, I'm going to send you a couple of pics offlist of
> a routed design in UHMW.
> David E Weiss
>> Original poster: Tyler Pauly <rpggod714@xxxxxxxxx>
>> Hello, I'm building my first coil. I have some
>> questions that only need to be asked once. They are:
>> 1. What do you use to connect the "parts - aka the
>> capacitor, transformer, primary, etc.? Do you use
>> house wire (12 gauge)?
>> 2. Do you have any words of wisdom on constructing the
>> primary? Mine will be 12 turns of .25 copper tubing
>> held by HDPE cutting board. They start at 6" diam. to
>> 17". I originally planned for 6 supports, but not only
>> was it incredibly hard to "wind" it, but the glue
>> holding the plastic to the board support gave out. I
>> know glue wasn't the best idea, so I'm now routing
>> ruts into my board to slip the strips of HDPE into.
>> I'm kind of struggling. There's got to be an easier
>> way to this. Any ideas?
>> Thanks for the help,
>> Tyler