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Re: Beginner questions

Original poster: robert heidlebaugh <rheidlebaugh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Tyler: The high current area of a coil is the primary coil to the spark gap
to the capacitor. These circuits should be #10 or better. The rest of your
circuit is low current and will work well with #20 or larger. The input to a
14.4 Kv Line transformer is high current of 50 amps and should have #6 wire
and a NST should have #12 AC wire. I hope this helps
      Robert   H

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>> Tyler,
>> The wire size used for connecting the tank components (primary, cap and
>> gap) depends on the power level that you are running at. My 3" coil uses
>> a 15 kv 60 ma transformer for power and the primary interconnect wire is #
>> 10 solid copper. My 6" coil uses a 14.4 kv 5 kva distribution
>> transformer and the interconnect wire is 3/8" diameter copper tubing.
> Solid copper wire that is larger than strictly required by current
> considerations (say, from NST to the rest of the circuit, where it's
> carrying all of 30mA) is useful because it is stiff enough to hold its
> shape and support its own weight.