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Re: Copper Banding?

Original poster: "Harold Weiss" <hweiss@xxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Tyler,

I believe that person was Terry Blake.  www.tb3.com

David E Weiss

Original poster: Tyler Pauly <rpggod714@xxxxxxxxx>
 Hey, I just totally screwed up my 1/4'" cu tubing. I
saw a website a while ago while surfing at 2 AM and
saw that someone made their primary out of copper
banding type stuff and insulation. The banding looks
like tape with no adhesive. I would guess (from
memory) that it was 2" wide, but it looked
interesting, and I thought I'd like to try that idea.
If that person is on the list, could you tell me where
you bought the stuff, because I don't know where to
buy it.  If anyone else knows where feel free to help,
too! Thanks a lot.  Oh, also if they're not on the
mailing list but you know the website, could you post
that? Thanks again.