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Re: Copper Banding?

Original poster: BunnyKiller <bunikllr@xxxxxxx>

hmmmm... for some unknown reason to me I would have to say no ( just a gut feeling) the dia of the primary would be quite different plus you have a higher "density" of turns per equalvailent radius...

I suppose it would be like wrapping a secondary with 1000 feet of #30 wire compared to #20 wire.. the #20 secondary would be quite a bit taller thus a different L.

Scot D

Tesla list wrote:

Original poster: "david baehr" <dfb25@xxxxxxxxxxx>

In a previouse post, it was stated that a banded pri. would have less inductance than a copper tubing pri. Could someone explain this ? IF YA got 50' of copper tubing , and 50' of banded pri. , wouldnt be about the same ????????////