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Re: Newbie polyurethane mistake

Original poster: Ed Phillips <evp@xxxxxxxxxxx>

"Is there any way to salvage this secondary? Can poly be baked to finish
curing? Will the gelatinous poly cause flashovers or some other
nastiness? Has anyone ever made this mistake before (say yes - it'll
make me feel better)?



	If you can get your secondary in an oven baking will probably do the
job, although I'm not sure what will happen with solid material over
partly cured material.  I've baked one coil after a couple of coats of
urethane and the stuff turned rock hard.  Started with a couple of hours
at 150°F, finished with an hour at 200°.  I suspect there are detailed
instructions for baking urethane finishes available with a web search -
in this case I just winged it.

	About 20 years ago I refinished about 30 brass door pulls in our
kitchen by polishing them carefully, cleaning them thoroughly, then
dipping in urethane varnish.  Let that dry and dipped again, then baked
in the oven at (I think) about 225°.  Except for a couple with lots of
wear they still look as good as they did when they went up, except that
the varnish has darkened very slightly.