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Re: how deep do the coilers prefer doing it? : )

Original poster: "Gerry  Reynolds" <gerryreynolds@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi Dmitry,

Original poster: "Dmitry (father dest)" <dest@xxxxxxxxxxx>

it`s 2 pole cap run motor - there are no any "start" devices.

OK, just wanted to make sure. I'm thinking a cap run motor may be a problem for this sync modification, but others more experienced may comment. If it is, maybe you could turn it into a cap start motor by adding a relay to turn off the second winding. (I'm just thinking out loud here)

>   I cant see all of the winding from your
> picture.  Maybe an end view that is on axis will help.

what do you want to see? all the windings are covered with insulating
tape, so you can`t see second layer of them.
look here:

The two pictures that you showed were an end view that was off axis. I couldn't see all the stator windings in the same picture. It is where the windings go thru the slots in the iron that I'm most interested in.


The place that you call "dead pole???" is what I call the center of the pole. Your sketch shows windings from the two poles sharing a common slot. Is this really true?? I would be surprised. If they occupy adjacent slots, the space between those slots is what I call would call a "dead pole" and the width the flat needs to be. But maybe I've got the symatics wrong.

Anyway, as I understand it, adding the flat is like cutting a gap in a toroid inductor. It decreases the inductance by increasing the reluctance and allows more current to flow if the flat is positioned at the center of the pole during peak current. If the flat is positioned between poles at this peak, it doesnt affect the current draw. The peak magnetic attraction at the center of the pole during this peak current will attract the portion of the rotor that has the least spacing to the stator more than the portion that has the flat. When you have two active coils each with two poles (the main coil and the "run" coil - someone may say what this second coil is really called), this adds complication. If the flat was positioned between the main poles during peak current in the main coil, it wont be positioned between poles of the "run" coil. But then again, there is a phase difference between the two coils so peak current in the "run" coil does not occur during peak current in the main coil so things may be just fine. If this does work, it may be important to get the run cap sized just right to the electrical phase difference between the two coils will match the physical phase difference between them.

Gerry R