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Re: how deep do the coilers prefer doing it? : )

Original poster: "Dmitry (father dest)" <dest@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hallo Christoph,

Wednesday, February 15, 2006, 5:10:44 AM, you wrote:

> I, too, have the documents that describe the process very
> precisely with detailed pictures, but still I could not
> figure out what was inside my motor(s), everything looked
> totally different. Maybe its not too different and I just don't see
> it, because I have not reall experience with the different designs.

i think the problem is not in you - there is really a huge amount of
different types of windings, wiring, etc. i saw the book about motors
yesterday (1950`s) - @#$%, there are so many different ways to force
things to spin % )))

> However, the document describes a cap start / induction run
> motor iirc. Though is saw quite a few motors in the past, I never
> saw or recognised such a motor, all I know are the ones who have
> a cap permanently connected. I suspect this is cap start / cap run ??

no - cap start/cap run have 2 caps - one connected permanently,
second - in parralel with the first through switch/relay/any other
starting device.

> I took the "1/4 or 1/3 of the rotor diameter" recommendations.
> But no need to despair, both motors see regular use in spark gaps.

what? you mean that even 1/3 can be too much? % )

> Tourque in luckily not a problem, as the motors are quite large compared
> to the disks they have to spin. But in guestimated 20% of the "turn on"
> situations the motors stall. Switching off and back on or changing the disks
> position solves the problem.

maybe your motors has small starting torque originally - before

Let the bass kick! =:-D