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RE: Testing 833A's

Original poster: "Jonathan Peakall" <jpeakall@xxxxxxxxxxxx>


> Jonathan,
> A few years back, the Antique wireless assn journal had an article on
> testing power tubes.  I think I still have the scan of it at home.  I
> can eMail it to you if you want.
> Dave

That would be great! Please send it to jpeakall@xxxxxxxxxxxx


      Step 1
>   filament test:
> The filament requires 10 V and should glow brightly while drawing 10 Amps.
> Step 2
> Once the filament has stabilized, applying 1000 V to plate and no
> grid bias, should result in a plate current of about 250 mA.

Thanks, that's a good start. I had already tested the filaments, they are
good. I'll test the plate current tonight. What range of current draw
constitutes "good"? I assume that 250mA is ideal?

Thanks all!