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RE: Good PCB Prototype shops?

Original poster: "Mark Dunn" <mdunn@xxxxxxxxxxxx>


www.ExpressPCB.com has the free software, but the options(and software)
are somewhat restricted.

I like to work with Advanced Circuits(note corrected web address from
other post: www.4pcb.com) but you must provide them with Gerber files so
you need software to produce those.  You can also pay Advanced Circuits
to produce the Gerber files, but they typically charge $150 for this
service.  It would be nice to find a cheap software package to produce
Gerber files.

For a single board, ExpressPCB will likely be cheaper, but as soon as
you build multiple boards Advanced Cicuits is usually money ahead.  For
example, I just let an order last week to advanced cicuits.  For (1)
prototype is $88.  For (2) $45 ea.  For (50) production boards $7.50 ea.
>From Express PCB $51 for (1) and $22/ea for $50.  In my case, I wanted 2
oz copper and this was not an option with Express PCB in their prototype


>Original poster: David Speck <Dave@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>


>I need to have 5 copies of a roughly 4" x 6" PCB with plated through
>holes made.  Any suggestions on good houses to do this for me,
>especially one with a free PCB layout program?  I haven't seen any
>posts on this topic in at least half a year.