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Re: Saturable Reactor Ballast from MOT's

Original poster: "Alex Kardash" <voltamp1@xxxxxxxxxxx>

I knocked the shunts out of my two MOTs ages ago in preparation for a VTTC that I never built. Anyway, they seem to work fine in this arrangement.

Safe TC'ing,

--- Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Original poster: "J. Aaron Holmes"

I may be wrong, but in this configuration, with
being applied to both primary *and* secondary
windings, the shunts wouldn't seem to play much of a
role.  They'll be saturated by the control flux as
well, and with power applied to the primary, it
require much less that complete control saturation
realize powers well beyond what the MOT will handle
without catching on fire and melting :)  On the
hand, if you have already knocked the shunts out of
your MOTs, I can't imagine why that would make them
any less suited to this application.

Aaron, N7OE

--- Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

 > Original poster: David Speck
 > List,
 > Any thoughts on whether the MOT saturable reactor
 > systems would
 > perform better with the magnetic shunts left in
 > driven out?
 > Dave