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Re: Large Flat Coil

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Hi Earl,

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oh and  what's so special about 455 khz

455KHz is the standard intermediate frequency of virtually all AM receivers. This means a signal on this frequency will interfere with reception on any AM radio within range, regardless of what station it's tuned to. It's a big no-no. While a TC probably won't broadcast for more than a couple of blocks, you don't want a visit from the FCC DF truck or from the Dept of Homeland Paranoids.

You will probably want to stay away from these frequencies too:

" DISTRESS FREQUENCIES Several frequencies in different bands are designated for the transmission of distress, urgency, safety, or search and rescue (SAR) messages. The following frequencies have been designated for use during a distress or emergency situation: 500 kHz? International CW/MCW distress and calling;
2182 kHz? International voice distress, safety, and  calling;
8364 kHz? International CW/MCW lifeboat, life raft, and survival craft; 121.5 MHz? Inteernational voice aeronautical emergency; 156.8 MHz? FM United States voice distress and international voice safety and calling; and 243.0 MHz? Joinnt/combined military voice aeronautical emergency and international survival craft. During SAR missions, the following frequencies are authorized for use: 3023.5 and 5680 kHz? International SAR> frequencies for the use of all mobile units at the scene of a search. Also for use of shore stations communicating with aircraft proceeding to or from the scene of the search. CW and voice are authorized.
123.1 MHz?  International  worldwide  voice SAR use.
138.78 MHz? U.S. military voice SAR on-the- scene use. This frequency is also used for direction finding (DF). 172.5 MHz? <U.S. Navy emergency sonobouy communications and homing use. This frequency is monitored by all U.S. Navy ASW aircraft assigned to a SAR mission. 282.8 MHz? Joint/combbined on-the-scene voice and DF frequency used throughout NATO. "

Matt D.

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