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Re: neon rings around secondary?

Original poster: "Scott Bogard" <teslas-intern@xxxxxxxxxxx>

You have received several responses from myself and others, from time to time the list seems to not deliver all of the messages to certain people, or deliver them late (this has been my observation, I get responses to queries that I never saw, or the question arrives after the answers). Don't worry though, they all say the same thing as Wyatt, so your not missing much! Good luck!
Scot Bogard.

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Subject: Re: neon rings around secondary?
Date: Tue, 01 May 2007 22:50:44 -0600

Original poster: "Brett Hays" <bretth@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

Well, I was really thinking along the lines of powering them separately. However, what I think I will do is make a couple of faux coil forms and put them in the cage with the coil and have the neon on them...

Thanks for your response, only one I've gotten.

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Original poster: nancylavoie@xxxxxxxxxxx
Are you talking about using the coils field to power the neon rings, like is commonly done with phosphor bulbs? Or, are trying to devise a way to power them seperately( i.e. dedicated trans. or whatever)? I would think that running any sort of wires in this area would turn into a nightmare unless you were willing to cover the secondary with perhaps,a sort of false coilform.I would also think that you would have to shield the crap out of anything associated with the neon tubes.Have to admit though it would make for a very cool effect. Wyatt

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> Original poster: "Brett Hays"
> I just saw a music video which gave me an idea for the coil we run in
> the Frankenstein section of our haunted house each year.
> I realize that all of the HV effects in this video are computer
> generated, but I am wondering if I could do something similar. I
> have a number of the neon rings that kids put around the woofers in
> speaker boxes. I know how to make them cycle, etc.
> If I put them around the secondary on the coil would they be
> instantly fried, or is this possible.
> BTW, the effect I am talking about starts a little past 1:00 into
the video.
> http://www.y outube .com/watch?v=nogE0
> KdG5M8

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