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RE: RG-8 coax

Original poster: "Jim Mora" <jmora@xxxxxxxxxxx>


I have used stripped RG213 which is about the same. Be sure you do Not have
the foam type. It wants to be the translucent PE type. Use a box cutter to
cut length-wise only the outer sheath. Pull back the shielded cable (there
maybe a nylon puller which aids in this) to the length you want. Then simply
open the weave in the shield and pull through the entire inner PE wire
through this opening. The shield can be flattened for low frequency ground
wire. Some then put the PE into a Tygon clear vinyl tube. The shield can be
left on but that opens up a whole different opinions.

Jim Mora

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Original poster: "Robert Hanford" <pomnept@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi list members,
A quick question...
I know many of you use this for HV wire. Do I need to strip the whole thing
to avoid the (to me) mysterious Blumlein effect or can I get away with
leaving the outer section on?

If I must strip it, what is the least labour intensive way?
As always, your help and experience very much appreciated.

Robert Hanford