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Re: The MTSG Metlicka Triggered Gap... (fwd)

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Date: Sun, 13 May 2007 10:08:21 -0700
From: Barton B. Anderson <bartb@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: Re: The MTSG Metlicka Triggered Gap... (fwd)

Hi Brett,

Marc Metlicca designed the TSG. Ted Rosenburg wrote up the famous 
document of how to build it and he did a great job.

Job Tebbs later that same year (2001) designed a zero crossing trigger 

At that time, I ended up building both to run on my 8.5" x 40" coil.
A few caps, a GM HEI automotive coil. The dimmer circuit I mounted on 
the corner of my control panel.

The sparkgap I built for it however was ridiculous.
I used some tungsten rod stock and tried to heat sink with copper 
tubing. I've built some dumb gaps in my time, and this one is certainly 
one of them.

The TSG worked fine.
I kept the power really low for a lot of reasons and I guess the main 
reason is the gap.

I really can't judge the TSG. In hind-sight (if I were to build 
another), the sparkgap should be of large copper tubing and no tungsten 
rod stock. In other words, a normal pipe gap. At the time, I was 
building a lot of different projects so the TSG did not get enough time 
spent on it. I got involved with a SRSG variable stationary device and 
put the TSG aside never to go back to it. Certainly a cool idea.

However, for a TSG to replace an RSG? I don't think so. The TSG falls 
under the same power issues of any static gap.

Take care,

Tesla list wrote:

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>Date: Sat, 12 May 2007 16:18:25 -0700 (PDT)
>From: Brett Miller <brmtesla2@xxxxxxxxx>
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>Subject: The MTSG Metlicka Triggered Gap...
>Ok, I made a new thread since I realized the original
>triggered gap was actually written by Ted Rosenburg.  
>In any case, it always seemed like the triggered gap
>should have been more popular with disruptive coilers.
> I figured it would make the SRSG obsolete, yet it
>apparently did not.  Perhaps I was gone when some
>crutial impracticality was found it the Triggered gap?
> Anyone have any insight?
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