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Research Project (fwd)

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Date: Mon, 21 May 2007 11:01:31 -0500
From: Drake Schutt <drake89@xxxxxxxxx>
To: Tesla list <tesla@xxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Research Project

Well summer is almost here and next year I will be a senior in high school!
As seniors we are required to do an independent research project over the
summer, putting a minimum of 40 hours into it, and following up next school
year with a 15 page paper.  I see this as a perfect excuse to do some
coiling as i haven't had much time this year.  This is where I have trouble
deciding where to go with this.

My 12kv/90ma coil is nearing completion and I was thinking that I could do
some sort of experiment with wireless power transmission.  I know it's
inefficient, but I recall someone talking about rigging up another coil to
attach to a lightbulb which could be lit up from a fairly significant
distance.  I've researched this a bit but I can't really find anything about
a recieving coil and light bulbs, so if anyone has info it would be greatly

I also love music and after looking at some audio modulated tesla coils with
their "plasma speakers" I would love to build one.  The only problem is that
I really have a limited knowledge of electronics outside of SGTC's and SSTCs
seem like a whole different animal.  I'm not dumb, I just want to know if
it's realistic to think that I can build a SSTC that can replicate this
plasma speaker effect over the summer.  I haven't seen anything about these
audio coils on the list before, but I would bet that somebody out there
knows about them.

Also, if anyone has any more ideas that involve HV and TC's that would be
feasible to do over the summer, please reply!

Thanks as always,
Drake Schutt