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Re: inductance calculations (fwd)

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Subject: Re: inductance calculations (fwd)

Sorry guys, I found the explanation in the chapter on rotary transformers and synchronous motors.Page 81 states:"The inductance of a circuit is sometimes expressed in centimeters,one of the c.g.s. units or absolute units." Whatever that is. "It has been previously mentioned that one volt represents a movement of a single conductor of 100,000,000 centimeters per second across a unit field (1 line per sq. cm.).In this way the e.m.f. in volts can be given the dimension of length, namely 10 to the 8th centimeters. As a circuit of one henry inductance generates a counter e.m.f. of 100,00,00, centimeters when a change of one ampere, or one-tenth unit of current per second, it is plain that the counter e.m.f. would be ten times as high,or ten volts(1,000,000,000 c.m.)when the rate of current change per second is unity(or ten amps per second).Therefore,one henry of inductance is given the dimension of 1,000,000,000 centimeters. In a circuit of only one turn the inductance in centimeters ca
n be directly obtained from the number of lines enclosed when a current of ten amperes is flowing through the conductor." Still uncertain how to apply this to the formula he gives for finding the frequency of  the tank circuit. Anyone care to explain? Wyatt

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> Telsa listed inductances in cm in his notes 
> Mike 
> Wyatt, 
> There is no direct conversion from Centimeters to Henries. Centimeters 
> is a measure of length and Henries is a measure of Inductance, they 
> are not directly related. What are you trying to do? Inductance of a 
> cable is sometimes listed in Henries per foot. That value is not constant 
> and depends on a lot of variables frequency being a big one. 
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