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RE: Fraceformer internal repair? (fwd)

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Date: Fri, 25 May 2007 17:19:46 +0000
From: Hans Schattenmeister <klugmann@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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Subject: RE: Fraceformer internal repair? (fwd)

Sorry about your finger, Matt that really sucks. As far as soldiering the 
wire to the plate your assumptions are correct. Incidentely Franceformer is 
one of the most desirable of all neons...

As far as the pitch goes i have done the same thing, nothing hurts worse. I 
was heating some once in a pan waiting for it to melt. I pressed on the 
surface and my finger went thru. When I pulled it out it was covered in 
pitch, nothing helps.


Good luck.

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>Subject: Fraceformer internal repair? (fwd)
>Date: Fri, 25 May 2007 08:15:50 -0600 (MDT)
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>Subject: Fraceformer internal repair?
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>Hello list, this is mostly a re-post of my last post due to receiving no
>replies, which seems to be getting more common for myself. I don't know
>if my titles are just badly worded, or something else is going on here,
>but if someone could please answer that would be great. The question has
>been made to stand out if you would rather not read the rest.
>Thank you.
>" I was finally able to remove the core of the 15kv 30ma NST I've been
>working on. It's been a long process. First I heated the core in oven,
>which removed most of the tar, but not the tar holding the core in place.
>After I soaked the opened case in kerosene for a little more than a week,
>but this failed to remove the tar holding the core in. I then let the
>case dry out for over three weeks, and finally today I heated the case
>again, but in the grill this time.
>After the core budged I set it on some aluminum foil. When I went to
>trash the foil it still had some really hot tar on it. This ended up
>accidentally getting on two of my fingers. It burned both areas really
>good, and I couldn't remove the tar until it cooled. Make sure to use
>some thick gloves when doing this kind of work, because burn! s really
>are not fun.
>Removing the core also tore off one of the high voltage
>windings connection, but I believe this may be a simple fix. It seems the
>connection was just attached to a metallic plate on the winding. If
>anyone can verify this for me that would be great. The NST is a
>Well, considering I am typing with one and half hands I think I'll end
>this here...
>Matt G."
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