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Re: [TCML] Wire Gauge

Hey Steve...

the application sounds feesible, but considering the cost of extension cords seen at Home Depot lately ( 100' 15A is about 55$), the price differential is minimal as compared to buying wire and conduit (plastic, etc.) and doing it in a more professional and safer manner. Using the low cost extension cords wont gaurentee the user that the quality of the copper is up to par to handle turn on surges or the high power runs... I have seen extension cords when used to the max ratings turn the copper wire black due to over heating ( and supposedly the max rating has a built in safety factor too)

Scot D

S&JY wrote:

Greg & all,

There is an alternate to buying heavy gauge power cable and the expensive
connectors, which works very well.  Just use ordinary extension cords with
standard 15 amp plugs and sockets, and parallel enough sets of them to
handle the current.  In your case, you could consider 4 100' 12 gauge
extension cords between parallel connected sets of male and female
connectors.  If later you need even more current capability, simply add more
extension cords and connectors in parallel.  Also, it is a lot easier to
handle individual 12 gauge extension cords than the heavy cables made up of
#6 wire.

--Steve Y.

In my setup, I use 2 sets of 2 paralleled extension cords and connectors,
one set per leg of my 240 volt mains.  This works very well.


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