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[TCML] Extremely LARGE spark.

Hi Gary,

Totally OT...

But Allstate is a very BIG company and everybody has a boss who has a boss...

Just because one insurance adjuster is not qualified to be out there does not mean they can't be found out and removed from a job they are obviously should not have.

Here is a nice page:


If you dig around and call and ask about, you can get a hold of a whole lot of people's bosses whole can get your 'claim problem' solved. Corporate has FAR more customer complaint specialist than you adjuster guy has in their little office... When calling, "I have a claim problem" gets you "through" ;-)

Just detail the "FACTS" about how your TV failed 'instantly' after the lighting strike. Offer to get "any TV guy" to look at it and find out "what blew it up" 2 seconds after the lightning hit. Duh... But NO emotion and NO getting mad... But do list all the names of those employees who are not serving you well... If the person you are talking too does not "understand", ask for their supervisor's contact info and get hold of them... Go up the ladder until someone tells you what you want to hear...

Basically, they get one brownie point for not covering your TV, but -1000 points for getting their boss's boss in trouble...

It takes "time", but I have found Allstate to to super good guys once you get past the newbi bad apples out there ;) State Farm is the worst :P

I think you know the game there though :) Have fun!! And your are not missing anything on TV anyway :D

But a super cool report here on how "lucky" you were to get a major lightning hit!! And I am glad "you" are still around on the list here too!!


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