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Re: [TCML] Extremely LARGE spark.

Good Grief!!! I'm glad no one was hurt!!!
Allstate is not telling you that TV's commonly lose their power supply  
diodes to lightning strikes some distance away, with the distance being measured  
in hundreds of feet. "Ground-bounce" also plays a big factor here. 
Take pictures!
I'm wondering if we have someone on the list who is recognized as a Name in  
Electrical Engineering who could write a short and extremely to-the-point  
statement to Allstate for you. They may decide that fighting it is a waste of  
time if you're already "lining up expert witnesses", so to speak.
Just my two cents worth. I've had my TV, and in another strike, my network  
fried from strikes. Lordee, when I was at T I - Austin, I can remember going  
around to outlying terminals and replacing transceiver chips after a  storm...
    Dave Small
pieces laying round to clean up. The Insurance Company is refusing to pay  
for the TV since it was in the living room 20 feet away it could not have been  
struck by lightning.  Allstate is being a jerk, your not in good hands with  
Allstate. The variation in hole sizes is very  interesting.

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