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Re: [TCML] Extremely LARGE spark.

I worry about lightning at out house with a 30ft antenna on top of the house, on top of a hill. The only earth wire I can see is a small green wire to a star picket segment. Most of the lightning protection wiring I have seen on top of buildings looks like thick steel rope (but might be aluminium). Our hospital had a recent hit onto this type of cable and lost only a few electricals.

I have some 2x1/2 inch laminated flexible copper bus bar type wiring but not enough to get from the aerial to ground with a reasonable straight channel.

What would people suggest?

As an aside, I have been approached to film a TC and my 200kA cap bank firing for a lightning segement to show in the UK in a series on severe weather.

Peter   www.tesladownunder.com

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Saturday night we had another thunder storm and tornado warnings. Lightning
struck the house.  There is a 19" hole in the roofing shingles and plywood
on the roof. Directly below the 19" hole is a 7" diameter hole in the sheet rock ceiling in the upstairs bedroom. The bedroom floor has a 28" diameter
hole in it.  Down stairs the 28" diameter hole is directly over the
refrigerator. The refrigerator measures 30" x 33". Several of the circuit
brakers in the main panel were tripped.  The 36" TV in the living room is
fried.  There was no fire and not even a sign of anything burned.  All the
holes look like a shotgun blast made them. The wood around the edge of each
hole is splintered like all the wood that is gone was ripped away. We were
in the living room watching TV at the time when it happened it sounded like
a stick of dynamite went off in the kitchen. The TV made some cracking
sounds and went off. There was a large flash of light from the kitchen area
that reflected through the house. There was also a strong smell of smoke
like something had burned.  The burned smell had to be the wood that was
missing from the holes because there was very little wood pieces laying
round to clean up. The Insurance Company is refusing to pay for the TV since
it was in the living room 20 feet away it could not have been struck by
lightning. Allstate is being a jerk, your not in good hands with Allstate.
The variation in hole sizes is very interesting.
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