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Re: [TCML] lightning protection and conductors

> Just as a note of interest ... the best job of lightning protection I
> have seen can be found at a SSBN base.  They have buildings that are
> used to load missiles, and they basically build an "electrical
> building" around the service building housing the sub and the
> procedure.  Find a picture and take a look.
    Faraday cage.  Dates to mid 1800s, protecting arsenals and


    Much has been said here, some of it conflicts with lightning
    professionals.  I don't propose to debate, here.

> Also, has anyone used liquid conductors for high voltage, high
> current applications.  It would seem that a liquid filled conductor,
> constructed out of the same material that you would find in your
> copper plumbing would work very well, or if not copper pipe, then
> reinforced Tygon or PVC tube filled with the liquid.  Don't remember
> for sure, but I think that the liquid was a copper sulfate solution.
    Liquid, large currents >> boiling  ...  yields bursting.
    I wouldn't.


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