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[TCML] NST shunt removal

Hi Bart, et.al,
So, from this, it seems that a full disassembly of the
transformer ( coils from core ) must be performed to
gain access to the shunt pieces ?
I was hoping they would be more easily removed. 
I hate to potentially damage a fully functional NST.
Alex P
My NST was a Franceformer 12/60. I burned a secondary. Well, I heated and removed the tar from the NST. I then cleaned up the secondaries, primaries, core, etc.. When I put it back together, I decided to take 1/2 the shunts out (exactly). The shunts were made of 4 bricks positioned around the NST core. I simply removed 1/2 of each brick (which were square laminations). I simply counted the total laminations in each brick and removed 1/2 of those. I expected at the time my current would double. I expected a 120mA NST. Guess what, I got a near 200mA NST out of the ordeal. Very surprising to me! The shunts are not linear to the current limit of the core. It is a differential increase in current, and as I realized that, it was that point that I decided to recommend no more that 1/2 the shunts removed from a depotting experience. Just a recommendation (if you feel compelled to remove more, by all means, have fun with it). About all I can say is that if you
 remove 1/2 the shunts out of a Franceformer 12/60, you'll do better than double the current. Take care,
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