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RE: [TCML] NST shunt removal

Correct - in order to remove shunts, one needs to completely disassemble everything.  Unpotting and disassembling a fully functional NST is generally not recommended, since it carries a significant risk of damage.  In my case, I did it because the NST was otherwise dead and had nothing to loose.  And after getting it open and cleaned up, I found that the core construction was such that the shunts were integral to the core and could not be removed.  Imagine my disappointment had it all been for nothing!

Regards, Gary Lau

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Hi Bart, et.al,
So, from this, it seems that a full disassembly of the
transformer ( coils from core ) must be performed to
gain access to the shunt pieces ?
I was hoping they would be more easily removed.
I hate to potentially damage a fully functional NST.
Alex P

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