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Re: [TCML] comments on designing a lightning protection system

In a message dated 6/9/08 8:00:01 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
mike8675309@xxxxxxxxx writes:

>>What's the *best* possible  conductor to use  to
>>channel lightning? Heavywall large-diameter silver pipes   braided into a 
Litz cable?
>the best possible conductor is one  sized to carry the load while able
>to provide a low impedance path to  the ground point.

That sounds like the most "adequate" or  "economical", not the "best".
    And I haven't seen in any of the links below  where "the load" is 
defined. How can you engineer a lightning protection  system if you don't define the 
parameters of lightning? It would seem that a  truly professional installation 
would include statistical data about  historical lightning in the area, and 
what level of lightning the system would  be designed to protect against (to 
what degree). How do the contracts  read?

>From a canadian source here is one  example:
>[quote]  In general, lightning protection systems grounding is done using
>copper  or aluminum cables and ground rods, 1/2 inch copper or

>copper-clad steel, 5/8 inch galvanized steel or copper plates.  Rods

>should be spaced to allow down conductors to be run down a building  to

>the ground electrode as directly as possible. A metallic  underground

>water system may be used for both electrical and lightning  protection

>grounding. The lightning protection grounding should always  be
>interconnected with a metallic water system if available outside  the


Hmmm, that "metallic water system" is usually  "galvanized steel pipe"... ;)

>Lots of info here on grounding done for a 911 center in  Florida.


Well, the "copper.org" people would certainly  advocate copper conductors... 
Mentions that hollow braided copper cable.  Wonder if that stuff would be 
suitable for monster TC primaries. Maybe a bit  hard to tap!

>Interesting look at grounding from a HAM  perspective.

I'm glad I'm not a HAM - protecting those  lightning-magnets looks like a 
real pain!
    Copper ribbon seems to be popular.
-Phil LaBudde
Center for the Advanced Study of Ballistic  Improbabilities

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