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Re: AW: [TCML] Dismal streamers



(I can`t believe it.: Fritz Egli, one of my heroes has entered the room :-) ) Your Egli Vincent was something I admired in the early seventies, but out of my financial reach.

Welcome to this list. Heed the lists advice and you are guaranteed success as a coiler.

First thing, contact John Freau for a proper spun toroid.
If he doesn`t have any in stock, they are worth waiting for. Same size range as Information Unlimited
Also try this guy, he sells excellent spun, and welded toroids

Fritz, welcome to the list, it is an honor to have you here.

Cheers, Finn Hammer

Dear All,

Has somebody experiance with a firm called
"information unlimited" in Mont Vernon, NH 03057  ?
This is a Toroid supplyer.
I like to avoid sending money out to a suspect adress,
and not reciving the materials payed for  -
as it happened to me before...

Thanks for any infos.
Fritz W. Egli (Switzerland-Newbie-Coiler..)

Mit freundlichen Grüssen

Fritz W.Egli

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