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Re: [TCML] NST shunt removal vs more NSTs

One disadvantage to multiple nst's is the weight factor, also. A while back I got carried away a bit and accumulated six 9kv 30ma nst's and paralleled them. Makes an awesome power supply @ 9kv 180ma, but there it still sits in my basement on top of an empty 5 gal. bucket, almost impossible to move. Maybe this summer I'll get a chance to add supports and wheels so I can move it around. I assembled the whole thing atop a 2'X2' piece of heavy plywood. It's great for jacob's ladders, too!


The only advantage would be space requirements for the extra NST's.

David Nelson wrote:

I have several NSTs the same. Is there an advantage to removing shunts as opposed to just using more NSTs in parallel to increase current?

Dave Nelson

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