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Re: [TCML] re-pot

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From: "douglas smith" <eyemfedup2@xxxxxxxxx>
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Sent: Wednesday, June 11, 2008 10:42 PM
Subject: [TCML] re-pot
Hi doug,

What I did was to buy a hot plate.  It did not work, the t'stat built in did
not allow it to get hot enough.
The hot plate, however, was perfect for melting paraffin.

What worked for me was to drll a 1/4 inch hole in one corner of the case.
I placed a "flame tender" consisting of a small cast iron skillet over a gas
flame burner.
I set the NST on the skillet with the 1/4 inch hole in the low point and
allowed the tar
to run out into a bucket.  This was done outdoors.
After the tar ran out, the transformer guts were warm and the tar slpped off
of them, too.

I removed the bushings and core from the case.

Now this is the part where everyone gets mad at me.
I soaked all the parts in gasoline.  Yes, gasoline. Be careful.
Clean the parts, modify, re-assemble.

Then, the hot plate worked very well for melting the paraffin used to refill
re-assembled case. The 1/4 inch hole is covered with tape.  Several pieces
of tape will be
needed if you clean the case really well.

Wood shims work well for filling the gap where shunts are removed.
Formica is a good "terminal block" for attaching wire to the "angel hair"
secondary wire.
Silicone insulated solid core spark plug wire is a good replacement for GTO,
used to connect the angel hair to the bushings.

Good luck,

> i have been trying to learn how to re-pot nst's with very poor luck.
> i hate the small secondary wires i keep breaking them
> i tried the barbecue thin it didn't work well.
> I've been soaking it in diesel for 5 days doing OK but very gooey.
> is kerosene best or is there something better.
> my next try is to peal off box to expose brick.
> then soak it for as long as it takes.
> i don't dear smacking it with a hammer with my luck

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