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Re: [TCML] Secondary Coil

The only stupid question is the one you should have asked, but didn't 'til  
it was too late.
Matt D.
In a message dated 6/14/08 6:05:14 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
ngoble@xxxxxxx writes:

After  obtaining my NST, I think my next step should be constructing the  
secondary coil.  I plan on having a 4" diameter coil using 24 AWG  wire. 
I got these figures off deepfriedneon.com.  Does this sound  right?  

I am having a difficult time finding magnet wire in my  area.  Would it 
be better for me just to order a spool of 1000'  wire?  I've seen a few 
good listings on Ebay for about $30 and was  wondering if this is a good 
way to obtain my wire?

Thanks for all  your answers.  I kind of feel guilty that I'm starting a 
lot of new  threads that are probably second nature to experienced 
coilers.   Thanks for putting up with my constant nagging. ;^)

Nicholas  Goble

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