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Re: [TCML] Chokes and Terry filters

If I can back up a bit here; what is the purpose of air core chokes? Doc, if I
remember correctly, I thought I saw one on a jacob's ladder you had in your
shop a couple of years ago. Just wondering what they do, thanks,


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> In a message dated 6/16/08 8:37:59 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,
> resonance@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
> In over  50 years of which 40 of them I just used an air core choke, I've
> never lost  a NST.  That speaks for itself.
> Dr.  Resonance
> Hi Doc,
> Reminds me of the title anecdote in Alexander King's book, "May  This House
> Be Safe From Tigers". I paraphrase for brevity:
> A. King: For three years you've been saying 'May this house be  safe from
> tigers' whenever you leave my home. Why?
> N. Prelick: Well -- been bothered by any tigers lately?
> ;^))
> Matt D.

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