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[TCML] My first Tesla

Hi everybody,

I have found this list extremely useful for finding information about
coiling but I still have a few problems...
I have attached a formula sheet and some diagrams of my design for ease of
explanation.  My problem is that all the formulae are for NST designs that
run on mains voltage and I am using a 12V battery to power two ignition
coils in anti-parallel, therefore I don't know how to get my line voltage
frequency and various other figures.

Everything is built, I just need to tune it and find the value of MMC that I
will need.

I started with the design on this page;

Then changed to this design;

Although my design is based on these specifications my Primary and secondary
are of my own design, the circuitry is that of the second page above.  I am
also unsure of the best way to connect the high voltage side of things, I
have seen two different ways, one with the spark gap in series and the other
in parallel with the primary coil.

I am using a conical primary, I can send any more info on request.

Thanks for your help in advance, keep coiling


Simon Dodd
Director/ Technical Manager
Yes Boss Music
46a Theydon Road
E5 9NA

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