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[TCML] Designing an MMC

I'm a little confused when it comes to designing an MMC.  I think I
understand the basics behind it.  Add them in series to increase the voltage
rating, and add them in parallel to increase the capacitance (The wikipedia
page on caps really helped).  

I'm starting to design my MMC and trying to grasp the concept behind it.
I'm using a 9/30 NST.  I used the cap calculator on deepfriedneon and found
my needed capacitance to be .0088uF (does that sound right?).  My question
is this: Do I build my MMC to match my NST's rating?  For example, if I
bought a bunch of Cornell-Dubilier 942C20P15K-F caps rated 0.15uF@2000V
each, could I stick 5 of them in series to get an MMC rated at 10,000KV and
.03uF?  That seems quite high for the capacitance needed (.03uF compared to
.0088uF).  Am I wrong to try to build an MMC to be rated at .0088uF and
9000KV?  Should it be higher?

Part 2 of my question: What are the consequences of making an MMC way to big
for your needs in a Tesla Coil?  Lets say that I hypothetically built an MMC
rated at 20uF and 25KV.  Would that effect my coil any different than having
a decent, very sufficient cap (.008uF@9KV) my coil?  I wouldn't mind buying
a few extra caps to give myself some piece of mind. 

John Matok

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