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Re: [TCML] No-load NST's

In a message dated 6/27/08 10:45:35 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
Sfxneon@xxxxxxx writes:

>...Except most of them are now potted right along with the core and  coil to 

>prevent you from doing just that. I suppose it was too easy to  defeat the  

>unpotted ones (like Transco, for example) and I wouldn't doubt that  they  

>forced to make the GFCIs integral to the  transformers.

    If somebody goes through the trouble of unpotting  an NST and removing 
the GFCI circuit, I don't possibly see how the NST  manufacturer could be 
liable. It would be one of the first things investigated  in case of a death or 
serous injury, and any tampering would be obvious.
    I consider it a lot quicker and easier to bypass  the brakes on my car by 
cutting the lines than it is to unpot and bypass  the GFCI in a typical 
modern NST. And the car manufacturer has a deeper  wallet...
-Phil LaBudde

Center for the Advanced Study of Ballistic  Improbabilities

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