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Re: [TCML] Trouble with eBay wire

It depends how he figured 1000'.  If it was by weight, he may not have
included the weight of the insulation or missed the tare of the spool.

It could also be that your form is ever so slightly larger in diameter
than what you think.

Ultimately you may be better off just sticking with what you got and just
dropping the matter when you include shipping and your time disputing the
whole issue.  


On Mon, 30 Jun 2008, Nicholas J. Goble wrote:

> I bought 24 AWG wire from an eBay dealer named Jim Whyte.  He has 
> thousands of sales already so I figure that he's legit.  My purchase 
> was supposed to be 1000' of 24 AWG copper magnet wire.  I got my 
> shipment within the allotted time.  I began to wrap my secondary coil.  
> I was going for 20" tall, 4" diameter.  After hand winding all the 
> wire, I measure the wind and find it to be only 17.5" long.  After some 
> crude calculations, I found the total length of the wire to be about 
> 910'.
> I emailed the seller to get a new coil of magnet wire, and he assures 
> me  that he sent me exactly 1000' and won't be sending me another coil. 
>  What should I do about this?  Should I contact PayPal and dispute the 
> order?  
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